Our Approach

Our Approach : Environmentally aware.

We offer a wide range of solutions from the traditional spraying programs, to integrated pest management and baiting programs for all types of pest. As our goal is to provide environmentally friendly solutions we give preference to using products and methods which maximize public safety and reduce environmental risks. Rest assured that the safety of your staff, family, pets and most importantly the environment will be given the utmost priority at all times.

Commercial Pest Management Solutions

Safe Pest Management for people and pets

Environmentally Friendly Approach to pest control

Eco Friendly – so what do we mean by eco-friendly

As a first option we always propose an eco-friendly solution to solve our client’s pest issues. Based on our clients’ needs for speed and efficiency in dealing with their pest problems, we further propose a tougher course of action.

In sourcing our chemicals we only use reputable and registered suppliers whose products are biodegradable, i.e. Products that are broken down by natural processes into more basic components which then absorb into the environment without harmful effects.

How do we dispose of our left over chemicals? We ensure that we only mix the required chemical mix as needed and if we have any leftover chemicals, we dilute the mixture even under the active ingredients are rendered safe and spray the solution onto heated tarmac or paving where it evaporates or is absorbed into the ground.

How do we dispose of our empty plastic chemical containers? All chemical bottles are also rinsed and recycled at local recycling facilities.