Garden Flush

What is a Garden Flush service and why do you need it?

A garden flush is essentially a method of treating a large outdoor area of lawn or paving to eliminate pests such as – Termites, crickets, worms, ants and caterpillars that you don’t want lurking on your premises.

Removing these pests will allow your whole family to better enjoy your outdoor spaces.

We highly recommend this service to our clients as the stand alone treatments offered for the interior of your home or office only eliminate what may be inside your home and for a limited period, prevent insects from crawling into your home.

The garden flush service treats the issues arising from pests living in your lawn and paved areas that attempt to get into your home/office once your interior treatments have deteriorated.

How is the service delivered at my property?

We use an industrial petrol driven machine with a large chemical tank that is operated by our trained technicians. They spray each area of your outdoor spaces as required.

So will this treatment destroy my lawn? And is it safe for my pets and kids?

Our chemicals do not damage lawns in the dosages we deliver them at. Outdoor spaces are safe within hours after our treatments are delivered and will not harm pets and kids once they have soaked into the soil below. We only ask that you keep pets and kids indoors whilst our treatment is in progress and until all treated areas are dry.

How can I be sure that you will use the correct chemicals?

We only use chemicals from accredited supplier and all our staff are professionally trained and certified to treat your premises. Click to view all material safety data sheets.

We abide by the law governing the Pest control and health and safety acts and always prioritize our clients’ safety and wellbeing.

Our staff are trained and accredited by the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries.

Do you also offer a soil poisoning service?

Yes we do. We treat pre-construction areas as well as you wish to cover prior to installing paving or Astro turf.